Egytrans is committed to maintaining a high level in the application of corporate governance principles by setting a framework of responsibility and control within the company, in addition to value-based management in accordance with binding legal rules and company policies and systems. This serves to enhance the confidence of its shareholders, customers, employees and all related parties. In addition, it provides a sustainable framework leading to increased management professionalism and control over the company’s activities in the context of a sustainable growth strategy.

The Egytrans Board of Directors has focused on corporate governance principles and their related applications since 2006. These practices were put into action through the issuance of the Egytrans Corporate Governance Code and adoption of policies and procedure manuals required for the application of corporate governance practices in Egytrans in addition to reinforcing the organizational structure, either at the level of investor relations, the board of directors or executive management. Egytrans has sought the help of the IFC in the area of corporate governance and its related applications in order to transfer knowledge, and audit and evaluate corporate governance practices in Egytrans.


Annual Report 2021
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Our Governance Bodies

The Board has established a corporate governance framework with clearly defined responsibilities and accountabilities. The framework is designed to safeguard and enhance long-term shareholder value and provide a platform to realize the Group’s strategy.

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Governance Structure

Risk Management
Corporate Reporting and Disclosure
Ethics and Compliance
Risk Management
Our continued success depends on our ability to manage risk. Our internal control and risk management arrangements are an integral part of Egytrans’ governance framework. Our principal risks are regularly reviewed by the Corporate Executive Team, enabling them and the Board to focus discussions on key strategic risks and more closely align the company strategy, our risk exposure and our ways of working. Risk assessment is disclosed as part of the Annual Report and includes the principal risks managed across the Group, and our assessment of any change in the risk during the year due to macro events or changes in Egytrans’ activities.
Corporate Reporting and Disclosure
Business requires high levels of trust, which are fundamental to our success. To achieve our aspiration to be the most respected and successful Logistics and Transport company, we must earn and maintain the trust of our key stakeholders – the people we work with and the customers we work for. For many years, transparent reporting has been a central part of our commitment. We publish an annual Corporate Governance Report, in addition to our ongoing disclosures. We also aim to be transparent about the results, impact, challenges and key risk factors. Our overall goal is to enhance our transparency to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders by offering easy access to key data on important areas of our business.
Ethics and Compliance
We aspire to be a trusted leader in our industry. To realize this, we need to earn and maintain the trust of customers, employees, partners, shareholders and the society we serve. We recognize society’s expectations of our industry and of Egytrans, and that we must go beyond merely doing what is legal in order to meet the legitimate expectations of society. Our aim is to prevent issues from occurring, drive personal accountability for behaviors, and generate learnings that can be applied across the organization. In addition, we maintain a strong commitment to upholding human rights and managing risk in our supply chain. Over the years, we have taken further steps to strengthen our governance and ensure effective due diligence in our supply chain and ingrain ethics and compliance further into our core business practices and strategies. We continue to make progress.

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