Maximizing our social impact, ensuring the reliable delivery of high-quality services to our customers, and attracting and retaining highly-engaged employees. Society has high expectations of businesses, with people rightly expecting companies to behave responsibly and contribute to tackling societal challenges. Operating responsibly brings direct benefits to society but also creates value for our shareholders. It supports our ability to attract and retain talent, manage costs and build trust with our stakeholders. The 10 commitments detailed below support our Trust priority to drive progress in the key areas where we can make a significant impact, and ensure that we are running our business in a responsible way. These commitments seek to address the most material topics relevant to our stakeholders and to our business, and are designed to help us respond to challenges and opportunities within our industry and society more broadly. They contribute to many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our Corporate Responsibility forms an important part of the Board’s oversight of our Trust priority. The Board provides ongoing scrutiny on progress against our commitments and how the company is addressing the evolving views and expectations of our broad range of stakeholders.

Using technology

to address transport and logistics needs.

New Innovations

Develop differentiated, high-quality services that meet our customers’ needs.

Next Generation

Support next generation entrepreneurship using our capabilities and knowhow.

Using Expertise and Knowhow

to address industry concerns.

Road Safety

Work with industry players to ensure greater road safety, continue to drive internal safety standards.


Improve visibility of our supply chain, integrate customer-facing solutions, promote health and safety for all.

By being

a modern employer

Engaged People

Achieve and maintain a competitive employee engagement score by 2025.

Diversity and Inclusion

Accelerate our progress on diversity and inclusion, aiming for 30% female representation in senior roles by 2025.

By being

a responsible business

Reliable Service

Commit to quality, safety and reliable supply of our services for customers.

Ethics and Values

Operate an ethical, values-driven culture, in which any issues are responded to swiftly and transparently.

Health and Safety

Ensure responsible and safe operations.


Reduce our environmental impact.

How we report our performance

A summary of progress against our commitments can be found in our Responsibility Reports below. Further details can be found in our Annual Report.

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