The Board is accountable to shareholders for ensuring that Egytrans is appropriately managed and achieves its strategic objectives. The Board carries out its responsibilities through a program of at least six scheduled meetings a year, which include the approval of budgetary planning, business strategy, and quarterly financial statements.

The Board reviews our internal controls and risk management policies and approves our governance structure and code of conduct. It also appraises and approves major financing and investment decisions and evaluates and monitors the performance of Egytrans as a whole. This includes :

engaging with, supporting and challenging the CEO and Executive Directors on the financial and operating performance of the group and external issues relevant to the group’s prospects.

evaluating progress towards our financial and business objectives and annual plans.

scrutinizing the performance of management in meeting these objectives and plans.

monitoring the key significant risks facing Egytrans, through reports received directly or from various committees.

Our Board has overall responsibility for succession planning for the CEO and other Executive Directors and gives the CEO broad authority to operate the business of the group. The CEO is therefore accountable for business performance and reports back to the Board.
The Board meets the Corporate Executive Team members regularly to discuss and develop proposals in relation to the Group’s strategy.
Regarding board composition of the Board, we prioritize diversity in terms of gender, length of tenure and business experience. We believe that such a diverse balance is in the best long-term interests of shareholders.



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