Ownership Structure

Investors (as of 31/3/2022) Shares
National Investment Bank 7882030.0
Mohamed Ashraf Omar Omar 6414247.0
Mohamed Ismail Hosni 3125000.0
Raed Bin Abdul Rahman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Meshaal 1611391.0
Abir Wael Siddiq Leheta 1490876.0
Heba Wael Siddiq Leheta 1325184.0
Amany Wael Siddiq Leheta 1076088.0
Investors 8287684.0

Significant Shareholders

For more than 5 decades, Egytrans strong longterm shareholding structure. This strong, long-term shareholding structure enables Egytrans to focus year after year on value creation and on the long-term growth of our investments, for the benefit of the companies in our portfolio and of all of Egytran’s shareholders.

General Annual Meetings

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