As a modern employer, we believe that a positive employee experience is critical to attract, retain and motivate the best people to support our business now and in the future. We launched our modern employer ambition in 2018, focusing on diversity and inclusion, health and wellbeing and employee development. The aim is to ensure our people are empowered to be themselves, feel good and keep growing at Egytrans.

Engaged People

Employee engagement is an important barometer to gauge how our people feel about working at Egytrans. Over the last period, we have achieved a gradually improving employee engagement score and our objective is to maintain a competitive employee engagement score. Senior leaders across Egytrans are playing a pivotal role in engaging our people behind our strategy, deepening their understanding of our strategy and priorities and developing effective tools to inspire their teams, thereby ensuring not only company-wide awareness of vision and strategy but also awareness of their role in achieving that overall company strategy. Our strategic success relies on our ability to engage employees behind Egytrans’ long-term priorities.

Learning and Development

At Egytrans, we are also mindful of nurturing the best talent and building our capability for the future. Opportunities and platforms are provided to enhance skills and knowledge and develop leadership. This is especially significant to our organization as we prepare to go into the future. We are mindful that intensive investment will be needed to prepare our employees for a digital future. We also focus on building capability to support the new commercial operating model requiring training of sales personnel and new employees. We want our people to keep growing at every stage of their career. That’s why development is one of four expectations for the company and we have a strong focus on improving the effectiveness of our people and managers. To that end, along with a structured mentoring and development program, we continuously provide further development opportunities.

Health and Wellbeing

We need resilient, motivated people with the right skills and knowledge to help us achieve our objectives. That is why we aim to be a leading company in how we support employee health and wellbeing. We are committed to providing health programs and services to help our people lead healthy lives. Accordingly, we continuously reassess our health insurance coverage, policy and facilities, seeking to provide our employees with the best quality healthcare.

Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace diverse perspectives. We value inclusive behavior. We are passionate about diversity and inclusion because it fuels innovation, drives engagement and attracts talent. This is a fundamental part of our cultural aspiration to be curious and inspired. Not only is inclusion the right way to do business, but it also leads to business success, unleashing the enormous potential of the differing knowledge, experiences and styles of our people, enhancing our ability to respond to the varying needs of our customers and partners.

Diversity in Numbers

We are leading the challenge to industry norms.


of females in Transport and Logistics globally


female representation in Executive Team in 2020


female representation on the Board in 2020


female representation in management and supervisory roles in 2020


Female representation in senior roles targeted by 2025

The percentage of women in management and the C-suite at Egytrans is far above the industry average of 10% with 40% female representation in the Executive Team of Egytrans. At the management level, we are particularly pleased to report the addition of the first women to take on technical and operational leadership roles. Our goal as a company is to promote the role of women in Transport and Logistics, to enable their career development, and to participate in providing a support network for women in the sector. Our work toward this goal is concentrated into three key areas: Leadership, Mentorship and Empowerment. These stem from our belief that the first danger for women is trying to blend in a male-dominated environment. It is dangerous because we want to benefit from diversity. We want women to bring ideas and perspectives that otherwise would not form a part of the conversation and to emphasize topics that might otherwise be not raised. We understand that to achieve that there must be more women in senior positions, and these women, along with our male champions, should in turn mentor other women, to make sure that they create that sense of confidence for younger women to step up and take their place. Within these areas, we can work to bring change to our industry and the wider economy.

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