At Egytrans, we are committed to improving and promoting Transport and Logistics across Egypt. We do so through industry affiliations and working internally to adapt policies in line with our values.

Partnerships to Zero

Beyond our sector-specific context, where speed, cost and flexibility are so important, society has increasing and changing expectations of companies, particularly of large companies. Stakeholders – from employees to consumers to policy makers and influencers – expect companies to behave with integrity and fairness, operate transparently, be connected to their local communities, and play their part in addressing global challenges from health epidemics to climate change. Responding to this requires strong partnership and connectivity between public and private sector. Egytrans is an active member in a number of industry organizations that work towards these goals by providing the knowledge, networks and knowhow to inspire and inform change. The drive towards net-zero will play a significant role in the future of logistics, both in the construction of warehouses and for operators. The sustainability drive is particularly integral to future transport developments, including vehicle pollution problems. As such the logistics sector needs to tackle the question of transport in conjunction with the sustainability agenda. In the short term, this might mean fitting abatement technology to purify emissions and eventually upgrading transport methods to fully electric.

Road Safety

We are in a unique position to understand and deal with the importance of raising public awareness of road safety and we believe we are qualified to add value in this critical area. Our core focus to date has been internal. Egytrans employees are continuously trained and monitored on the best and safest driving practices along with safety protocols, proper lane-changing and minimum distance between driving vehicles among many other things. Armed with this expertise we are confident that we can contribute to our community through greater awareness and dialogue. Our focus in the short-term going forward is to evaluate the situation and reach out to different parties to find how we can contribute best to promoting road safety in Egypt.

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