In a globalized world, we believe there is more to transportation and logistics than just moving goods from point A to point B. The key to our success is that we enjoy being part of something larger than ourselves by advancing our customers, people, and the lives of everyone around us. Together we are working to achieve dreams — this keeps us moving every day. Attracting and retaining diverse talent is the foundation of our talent strategy at Egytrans. We know that our people are exceptional, and that our success relies on their diverse skills, experience and expertise. We know we need to build the environment were each of our people can be their best and true selves, so that together we can grow and reimagine the world of Logistics and Transport.

Work at the heart of change

Imagine what you could do at Egytrans. No matter where you work, you could become part of a leading company and its evolution. If you have ideas, ingenuity and a passion for making a difference, come and be a part of our team.

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Operating responsibly

We are changing the way we work to further embed our values in everything we do. We expect our employees and the third parties we work with to act according to our values We want to understand and, where possible, exceed society’s expectations of us. We have changed the way we do business, often going beyond industry norms, to further embed our values.

The fundamentals of our culture are built on the core pillars of

Five Values

Integrity, Innovation, Learning and Growth, Building Partnerships and Focusing on Solutions are the values that guide our business and our choices when we hire, develop, assess, promote and reward individuals and teams.

All walks of life

While our diverse workforce brings different people and perspectives together, inclusion means making the mix work. It is about creating an atmosphere and environment where each of us feels valued, respected and heard.

Growing with Us

Very simply, our people are Egytrans. We strive to ensure that you have every opportunity to drive your own learning and personal growth.

One life,live it well

Egytrans takes a holistic approach to supporting us to be our best selves every day and everywhere.

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