Raed Al Meshaal

Non Executive Member and Shareholder

Raed Al Meshaal

Appointed: March 2020

Skills and Experience

Mr. Raed Al Meshaal is the Founder and Chairman of the Saudi Textile Factory Company in Riyadh with a track record of successfully establishing presence across a diverse number of industries including trade, plastic and paper manufacture, and transport and logistics in Saudi Arabia. Over the course of his career, Al Meshaal has held several board-level and management positions and has chaired a number of major organizations such as Riyadh Laboratories for Velvet Production, one of the largest companies in the Kingdom to produce Carpets and Yarns. He previously headed the Active Plastics Factory specializing in the Production and Coloring of Plastic Granules, and has also co-founded Tharawat for Securities. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from King Saud University, in addition to certificates from IMD Institute in Switzerland and City University of London in the United Kingdom.

External Appointments

Al Meshaal has sat on the board of a number of organization and currently sits on the Board of Egytrans, a leading logistics and transport provider in Egypt. He is also a board member of Saudi Paper Manufacturing Company, a company Iisted on the Saudi Stock Exchange.

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