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EGYTRANS has created a long-term strategic vision and is taking active and systematic steps to turn that vision into reality. The company’s vision is to be the leading Egyptian provider of integrated global transport services and solutions, recognized by customers as the provider of choice and committed to growing shareholder value. As a result, the company has adopted two main strategies:
  • Growth through diversification into related businesses in the field of integrated transport.
  • Continuous development and improvement of our internal management systems to enable peak performance
To succeed, everyone within the company must fully understand the company’s vision and strategies and participate in achieving them. To achieve this, the company has chosen to implement the Balanced Scorecard as a performance measurement and strategic management system. Through the Balanced Scorecard, the company has been able to set ambitious and measurable objectives in four areas:
  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Internal Process
  • Employee Learning & Growth
With specific planned initiatives for their achievement.
In 2007, we put in place a system for regular collections of measurement data for all of the new measures introduced in the company Balanced Scorecard and completed cascading of the Balanced Scorecard to the managerial level, thereby linking the objectives of each branch and department to the overall corporate objectives so the whole company works together as a team. We have also continued to build awareness and momentum throughout the company and continue to proceed gradually to embed the value of strategic management based on the Balanced Scorecard in every aspect of organizational culture.
In 2008, our main goals are to continue cascading the Balanced Scorecard to the level of the individual, ensuring that every employee in the company will have measurable strategic objectives aligned with the strategic direction of the company. We will also work on linking performance appraisal and budgeting to the Balanced Scorecard.
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