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EGYTRANS is committed to maintaining a high level in the application of corporate governance principles by setting a framework of responsibility and control within the company, in addition to value-based management in accordance with binding legal rules and company policies and systems. This will enhance the confidence of its shareholders, customers, employees and all related parties in addition to supporting EGYTRANS’ position in the capital market and making the principles, systems and procedures of corporate governance a permanent and sustainable frame work which develops and grows towards increased management professionalism and control over the company’s activities in the context of a sustainable growth strategy.
The EGYTRANS Board of Directors has focused on corporate governance principles and their related applications since 2006 which resulted in issuing the EGYTRANS Corporate Governance Code. These practices were put into action through the adoption of a number of policies and procedure manuals required for the application of corporate governance practices in EGYTRANS in addition to reinforcing the organizational structure, either at the level of investor relations, the board of directors or executive management, with corporate governance structures in accordance with best practices. EGYTRANS has sought the help of more than one expert in the area of corporate governance and its related applications in order to transfer knowledge, and audit and evaluate corporate governance practices in EGYTRANS.
Download EGYTRANS Corporate Governance Code (PDF) (last updated 2016)
  The EGYTRANS Corporate Governance Code is based on the Egyptian Corporate Governance Rules and Standards Guide.
Download EGYTRANS Corporate Governance Code (PDF) (last updated 2016)
The EGYTRANS Corporate Governance Code is based on the Egyptian Corporate Governance Rules and Standards Guide.
Download Egyptian Corporate Governance Code (PDF) (last updated 2016)
Policies and Procedure Manuals associated with the application of corporate governance practices in EGYTRANS:
The EGYTRANS Board of Directors adopted a number of related policies and procedure manuals designed to improve and control corporate governance practices within EGYTRANS to maintain the balance between the interests of all related parties, raise the company's market value and improve risk management within it. These policies and manuals are:
Disclosure Policy
This policy covers disclosure to the community of investors, shareholders and media in addition to the rest of the public in order to achieve fairness in the dissemination of key information about the company and compliance with Egyptian Laws, CASE listing rules and the EGYTRANS Corporate Governance code.
Download (PDF) (last updated 2016)
Related Party Transactions Policy
The interests of EGYTRANS shareholders are a priority of the Board of Directors and the company’s executive management. In this context, the Board of Directors decided to adopt this policy to prevent conflicts of interest and prevent harm to any related party.
Download (PDF) (last updated 2016)
Insider Trading Policy
This policy controls the trading of EGYTRANS shares by its employees or Board of Directors in accordance with the CASE listing rules. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all concerned parties understand the meaning of internal trading and the rules that govern it and are aware of their responsibilities in this area in order to achieve equity and fairness for all investors.
Download (PDF) (last updated 2016)
Document Retention Policy
This policy provides a system for the retention and destruction of documents received or created in the course of business. This policy identifies the documents that need to be kept and how to dispose of or destroy documents in order to provide a higher level of disclosure and transparency and increase the confidence of company investors and shareholders.
Download (PDF) (last updated 2016)
EGYTRANS Document Retention Manual
This manual provides the guidelines to be followed in the retention anddestruction of documents. It also clarifies the responsibilities of the concerned parties in accordance with the EGYTRANS Corporate Governance Code.
Download (PDF) (last updated 2016)
Succession Planning Policy at the Executive Management Level
This policy was adopted in order to be prepared for any changes in the key staff at the executive management level whether for planned or unplanned reasons to ensure the stability of the executive management. This falls under the scope of operational risk management supporting the application of corporate governance in EGYTRANS by maintaining the balance between related parties and supporting the sustainability of the company’s business and its institutional nature.
Download (PDF) (last updated 2016)
Risk Management Policy
This policy controls the rules, systems and procedures for dealing with the risks that accompany the activities and services of EGYTRANS. It constitutes one of the most important tools for applying corporate governance practices, aiming for the continuous development of each activity individually and of the overall portfolio of activities. This is handled by a specialized department in the context of both short-term operational plans and long-term strategic plans covering all levels of the organizational structure down to the level of individuals in order to have a complete overview of risk management within the company leading to reduction of risk and maximization of returns within the framework of effective management and control.
Download (PDF) (last updated 2016)
Enviromental Manual
The purpose of this manual is to identify all of the environmental aspects that may result from the company’s services and activities and which may have a significant impact on the environment (whether negative or positive) then measure those aspects and periodically evaluate their severity and degree of impact in order to eliminate their negative impact and maintain the development of the aspects with the positive impact
Download (PDF) (last updated 2016)
EGYTRANS Corporate Governance Structure
EGYTRANS is concerned with establishing an effective corporate governance infrastructure and creating balanced relationships between all units within the company in order to solidify and spread corporate governance principles in the company culture and make transparency, disclosure, accountability and reliability a part of the company policy and system whether at the level of the Board of Directors or the executive management and positively affect shareholders, customers, suppliers and other related parties. This is clarified in the EGYTRANS Corporate Governance Structure.
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EGYTRANS Board Charter
Download (PDF) (last updated 2016)
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