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Egyptian Transport and Commercial Services Co., S.A.E
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The EGYTRANS Board of Directors consists of 8 members (1 executive & 4 non-executives & 3 independents )
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(Executive Member - EGYTRANS Chairman & CEO)
Name : Abir Leheta
Position : Chairman & CEO
Qualifications :
B.Sc. Bachelor of Computer Science with a Minor in Business Administration The American University in Cairo, Suma cum laude, [1994]
Professional Certification :
• Certified Board Member (EIoD)
• Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence (ASQ)
• Certified Risk Manager (Institute of Risk Management)
She has held several positions in EGYTRANS since 1996:
Chief Strategy Officer (2015)
Chief Systems Officer (2011 – 2014).
Systems Manager (2009 – 2011).
Organizational Development Manager (2005 – 2009).
Deputy IT Manager (1999 – 2005).
Head of Software Development (1996 – 1999).
She became a member of the EGYTRANS Board of Directors in 29/3/2007
Board Member of Egytrans Depot Solutions S.A.E. (EDS)
From: 2009 - To: Present
  Board Member of The Egyptian Transportation & Logistics Co. S.A.E. (ETAL)
From: 2013 - To: Present
10 years experience in designing and analyzing software systems
2 years experience in the field of strategic planning and implementation and performance management based
  on the Balanced Scorecard
10 years experience in designing and analyzing software systems
Most important achievements since joining EGYTRANS:
Participating in setting company strategic objectives and plans.
Planning and following the implementation of strategic initiatives to reach peak performance.
Coordinating the implementation of employee performance appraisal based on the Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
Participating in the development and implementation of the company IT strategy and e-business project.
Participating in preparing feasibility studies of new projects for the company and affiliated companies.
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(Non-Executive Member)
Name : Hassan Ahmed Atta
Position : CEO - Cairo Capital Group for Investment
Qualifications :
B.A. of Commerce, Accounting Section, Cairo University 1986. Postgraduate studies in Accounting, Finance and Capital Markets from Texas University in the United States
He became a member of the EGYTRANS Board of Directors in 13/9/2006.
19 years of experience in banking, financial analysis and capital market activities
Before joining Cairo Capital Group he was the Financial Investments Manager of the Export Development Bank
  responsible for managing financial portfolios valued at L.E. 1.8 billion.
Responsible for stock issuing for the Export Development Bank amounting to L.E 212 million
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(Independent Director since 18/3/2008)
Name : Dr. Amr Kais El Rai Attia
Position : Chief Executive Officer - Ipsos Egypt
Qualifications :
2003-2005 Maastricht School of Management - DBA (Doctorate of Business
2001-2003 Maastricht School of Management - M.Phil. (Master of Philosophy)
1996-1998 American University in Cairo - MBA (Master of Business Administration)
1994-1996 American University in Cairo - Management Diploma
1984-1988 Cairo University - Bachelor of Art in Business Administration
1971-1984 Maadi Canal School- Egyptian Thanaweya Amma, Branch Mathematics.
Jan. 2006 – Present: Chief Executive Officer - Ipsos Egypt
Oct. 1999 – Present: Chairman - IMI – International Marketing & Management Institute.
1997 – 1999: Group Marketing Manager - Ghabbour Group of companies – RGI (RG Investment S.A.E.)
1996-1997: Marketing Manager - Suzuki Egypt - S.A.E.
1990-1996: New Business Development Executive - Shell Marketing - Egypt (Royal Dutch Shell)
1988 – 1990: Marketing Specialist - Misr Travel (Conferences & American Division)
Participating Faculty at the American University in Cairo
Part-time Faculty at the Misr International University
Designated lecturer at the World Bank Institute
Part-time Faculty at University of Cambridge - Cambridge International Examinations.
Trainer for various marketing and personal skills courses
Guest Speaker at various international and local conferences
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(Independent Director since 7/3/2009)

Name : Dr. Mohga Abdel Rahman Badran
Position : Chairman and Professor , Department of Management, American University in Cairo
Qualifications :
1985 Stockholm University –Ph.D. Major:Organizational Theory Dissertation: Coordination in Multiactor Programs:  An Empirical Investigation of Factors Affecting Coordination among Organizations at the Local Level in the Egyptian Family Planning Program
1975 American  University in Cairo – M.A. Management (major: Management of Information Systems)
1972 American University in Cairo - Diploma in Management.
1964 Cairo  University - B. Sc. Statistics, Faculty of Economics and Political Science
2002– Present:Chairman and Professor, Department  of Management, in the American University in Cairo
2001-2002: Unit Head of Organization and International Business Unit, Department  of Management in the AUC
1994-1999: Director of the MBA Program, Management Department in the AUC
1986-1995: Assistant Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University, Beni-Seuf Branch
1985-1986: Economic Specialist in the American Embassy in Cairo
1977-1980: Third Secretary, Department of Economics in the Arab League
1972-1975: Research Assistant,  Social Research Center in the AUC
1970-1972: Research Assistant in the Central Agency for Trainning 
1964-1972: Research Assistant in the Ministry of Planning
AACSB Assessment Seminar Palm Springs, California, USA January,  16-18, 2005

  “Case Writing Workshop?, presented by Dr. Robert Grosse from  Thunderbird, Management


Department, AUC, October, 19-22, 2003

“Case Development Workshop?, presented by Dr. Anil Gupta & Dr. Tarek Hatem, September, 22 & 23, 2003
Peter Senge’s Seminar,  “The Learning Organization: A Model of Success? Cairo, May 7, 2001

 “Learning Organizations?, Three-day work shop by Nick Zanick & Evrin Calkavur, Cairo,


 “ Building High Performance Teams?,  two day work shop by Dr. Don Dawson, 17-18 January,2001.

“Towards Arab Learning Organizations?, The Twelfth Conference on Training and Management Development, Cairo, April 25-27, 2000
MBA :Human Resource Strategy

          Managing  Organizations.

MPA : Methods of Administrative Research & Analysis

         Administrative Environment & Public Policy in Egypt.

         Quantitative Analysis for Management.

         Introduction to Public Administration

Undergraduate:  Fundamentals of Management.

                           Organizational Behavior.

                           Human Resource Management.

                           Organizational development.

Member in the following Organizations and Associations:
Member of the Egyptian Association for Statistics and Legislation
Member of the Cultural Committee for the Association of the Graduates of The Faculty of Economics  & Political Science
Member of the Professional Commercial Syndicate
Member of the Egyptian Society for Study and Research in Administration
·    Member of The Egyptian Human Resource Management Association (EHRMA)
 Member  of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
Board Member  and founding member of the Management Consulting Association (MCA) (Egypt)
Member of the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) United Kingdom
 Founding member and member of Board of Directors for EAST (Egyptian Association for Strategic Thinking)
 Ministry of Administrative Reform, Member of the Steering Committee for evaluating ‘The Restructuring Project of the Egyptian Cabinet’, June 2006-date.
Member of the Consultancy Council for Administrative Training,Ministry of Finance, 2000
Member of the editorial advisory panel of  “ The International Journal of Management Research and Practice?, 1999-2002
 Program Committee Member  for the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA) 1992-1995.
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(Independent Director since 31/03/2016 )
Name : Heba Wael Leheta
Position : Professor of Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.
Qualifications :
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, CA, U.S.A., Dec. 1988.
M.Sc., University of Alexandria, EGYPT, Nov. 1983.
B.Sc., University of Alexandria, EGYPT, May 1980, with Distinction.)
Jan. 2015 – Acting Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University
Dec. 2014 – Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University
15/1/2003- present. Chairman, Dept. of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University
Jan 2003 - Associate professor, Dept. of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.
Oct. 1996 Assistant professor, Dept. of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.
Mar. 1989 Assistant lecturer, Dept. of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.
Drawing of Ships and Marine Machinery
Technical Writing
Naval Architecture
Ship Outfitting,
Marine Engineering
Ship Structural Analysis
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( Non- Executive Director since 19/3/2016)
Name : Ahmed Abdel Ghany Mohamed Ismael
Position : Head of the Central Affairs Sector at the National Investment Bank at the rank of First Undersecretary.
Member of a non-executive board of the Egyptian Export Development Bank represented by the National Investment Bank.
Member of the Board of Directors of the non-executive Egyptian Transport and Commercial Services Company "EGYTRANS".
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Special Insurance Fund for employees of the National Investment Bank.
Qualifications :
M.A. in Environmental Sciences, May 2005 with a very good grade - Institute of Environmental Studies and Sciences - Ain Shams University.
Graduate Diploma in Investment and Finance in 2002 with a very good grade - Faculty of Commerce - Ain Shams University.
Bachelor of Commerce - Tanta University in May 1983 - Accounting Division - with a very good grade.
Former member of the Board of Directors of International Company for Finance Leasing (INCOLEASE).
Former member of the Board of Directors of Samanoud Textiles and Leathers.
Education & Membership
Member, Italian Business Council in Egypt – 2013.-2016
Member, Spanish Business Council– 2010
Member, Hungarian Business Council– 2009 - up to date.
Egypt Representative, Union Intérnationale de Transport Publique (UITP) - 2003.
He holds a certificate of professional board member in addition to a series of training courses in various fields such as feasibility studies, bank credit, stock analysis, portfolio management and investment funds, capital market follow-up, preparation of financial structures for projects, securitization and real estate financing, human resource management and employee evaluation. Environmental sciences and environmental impact assessment, as well as in the field of legal studies such as arbitration, discipline investigation and contracts.
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( Non- Executive Director since November 2017)
Name : Mohamed Ashraf Omar
Position : Board Member of The Egyptian Transport & Commercial Services Company, S.A.E
Qualifications :
Bachelor of Science, The American University in Cairo (AUC), Cairo, Egypt, June 2003
Major: Construction Engineering
Co-Founder / Board Member / General Manager, Concorde Ready-Mix Concrete Co. (CRM) (April 2013 -Present).
Assistant CEO, Concorde Ready-Mix Concrete Co. (March 2009-March 2013).
Board Member - Concordia Real Estate Development Co. (2007-Present)
Assistant CEO - Concordia Real Estate Development Co. (2007-March 2013), part time with CRM /MIPEC.
Projects Control Manager – Misr Petrochemicals Co. (MIPEC) (2007-2009).
Services Marketing and Sales Manager, Smart Villages Company (February 2005-January 2007).
Sales and Customer Business Development Section Manager, Ismail Ali Abudawood Trading Company (Sole distributor of Procter & Gamble in Saudi Arabia), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (August 2004-January 2005)
Project Controls Engineer, Smart Villages Company. (September 2003 – July 2004)
Marketing Researcher (one assignment based job, part-time), Integrated marketing Solutions (IMS). (July-August 2003)
Trainee, Engineering Consultants Group (ECG), Cairo Smart Village Project. (August 2002)
Trainee, THALES Engineering & Consulting, Paris, France. (July 2002)
Education & Membership
Member, Egyptian Junior Business Association (2009-Present)
Member, Egyptian-French Businessmen Association (2011-present)
Former Member, Construction Engineering Association, AUC
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Board Member Shares





Abir Wael Sedik Leheta




Amr Qais El Raie




Hassan Ahmed Hussien Atta




Mohga Abdel Rahman Badran



Heba Wael Leheta

4.09 %



Mohamed Ashraf Omar Omar

18.00 %



Ahmed Abdel Ghany Mohamed Ismael



Representing major shareholder (National Investment Bank) that owns 7882030 shares representing 25.25%

Mohamed Niazy Mohamed









EGYTRANS has adopted and applies the following definition for an Independent Director:

The purpose of identifying and appointing independent directors is to ensure that the board includes directors who can effectively exercise their best judgment for the benefit of EGYTRANS, unclouded by real or perceived conflicts of interest.  In each case where a director is identified as “independent”, the EGYTRANS board of directors will affirmatively determine that he or she meets the requirements established by the board and is otherwise free of material relations with the Company’s management, controllers, or others that might reasonably be expected to interfere with the independent exercise of his/her best judgment for the exclusive interest of the Company. 

EGYTRANS Independent Director" is defined as a director who:

     has not been employed by EGYTRANS or its Related Parties within the past three years;

     is not affiliated with a company that is an advisor or consultant to EGYTRANS or its Related Parties;

     is not affiliated with a significant customer or supplier of EGYTRANS or its Related Parties;

     has no personal service contracts with EGYTRANS, its Related Parties, or its senior management;

     is not affiliated with a non-profit organization that receives significant funding from EGYTRANS or its Related Parties;

     is not employed as an executive of another company where any EGYTRANS executives serve on that company's board of directors;

     is not a member of the immediate family of an individual who is, or has been during the past five years, employed by EGYTRANS or its Related Parties as an executive officer;

     is not, nor has been within the past five years, affiliated with or employed by a present or former auditor of EGYTRANS or of a Related Party; and

     does not hold a controlling interest in EGYTRANS and is not a member of a group of individuals and/or entities that collectively exercise effective control over EGYTRANS or  the brother, sister, parent, grandparent, child, cousin, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, spouse, widow, widower, in-law, heir, legatee or successor of any of the former or affiliated with any trust or similar arrangement of which any such persons or a combination thereof are the beneficiaries or the executor, administrator or personal representative of any deceased or legally incompetent person described herein ,

For the purposes of this definition, a person shall be deemed to be "affiliated" with a party if such person (i)   has a direct or indirect ownership interest in or (ii) is employed by such party. “Related Party” shall mean any person or entity that controls, is controlled by or is under common control with EGYTRANS.

Based on:IFC's Indicative Independent Director Definition.

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