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Egyptian Transport and Commercial Services Co., S.A.E
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Board Authorities and Responsibilities

  1. Reviews, approves and monitors the implementation of corporate strategy.
  2. Reviews overall policies and objectives for corporate contributions and approves contributions budget annually.
  3. Guides and advises management.
  4. Sets corporate KPIs and tracks progress towards targets
  5. Conducts and presents self-evaluation of board performance to shareholders.
  6. Suggests board remuneration for following year to shareholders.
  7. Hires and fires management (if delegated by CEO).
  8. Approves annual plans and budgets.
  9. Approves capital expenditures exceeding the budget.
  10. Oversees risk management and internal control systems.
  11. Conducts succession planning and develops senior executive talent.
  12. Approves procedures for distribution of dividends.
  13. Ensures compliance with corporate ethics.
  14. Approves related party transactions.
  15. Approves filing of suits and claims.
  16. Selects the external auditor.
  17. Fills vacancies on the Board and designates nominees for election to the Board by the shareholders.
  18. Establishes Board committees and appoints committee members.
  19. Approves the Annual Report.
  20. Reviews summary financial and operating results (quarterly and annually).
- Company Profile
- Vision, mission, values
- Code of Ethics
- Organization Structure
- Integrated Management System
- Subsidiaries & Affiliates
- Financial Statements & Reports
- Earning Releases
- Investor Presentations
- Annual Reports
- CG Code, Structure & Policies
- Ownership Structure
- Shareholders Structure
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